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Leader of the Pack: Xerox Tops in Managed Print Services

Xerox has again retained the top position in worldwide managed print services (MPS), according to the latest market landscape report by analyst research group Quicirca. The 2015 rakings mark Xrox's sixth consecutive year as the leader.

OneSOURCE, with it's Xerox partner, helps companies optimize their printing infrastructure with MPS, and streamlines their communication and business processes to grow revenue, reduce costs and operate more efficiently. Through MPS, businesses can outsource print management and cut costs by as much as 30%.

"Xerox and OneSOURCE is well-established within the MPS market - proven again by its sixth year leading the pack," said Louelle Fernandes, associate director of Quicirca. 

HP Salutes OneSOURCE Partnership

As an authorized HP Gold Managed Print Partner Specialist, long-term relationship has perks that transcend to our customers.

OneSOURCE is also recognized as a Gold Designjet Specialist Partner and a Supplies Partner.

Our fabulous partnership with HP gives us buying power to pass-on cost savings, and technology expertise and certification to service high-quality products to our customers. We're pleased to pass on the perks!

OneSOURCE Introduces Education Grading System Software

With a constant demand from parents, the community, and even the government to improve student performance, many school districts are finding it critical to implement technological solutions and work processes that augment the educational experience.

It is with this in mind that OneSOURCE is pleased to introduce Xerox's Remark, an innovative answer-grading system that empowers teachers to do their jobs better.

Data-driven improvement

Remark Office consists of a powerful, flexible mark reading and reporting engine that provides comprehensive, on demand information regarding test and survey responses.

The solution, which automatically grades, tallies, and provides a variety of customizable reports on tests and surveys, combines powerful, sensitive Optical Mark Reader (OMR) technology with extensive Xerox multifunction device capabilities.

By pinpointing and clearly showing areas of strength and weakness, teachers can better tailor course material toward areas that require attention. In other words, Xerox and Remark Office OMR give teachers the data they need to offer students a customized education. 

OS360 App Streamlines Data Capture

The OS360 APP suite of products delivers an enterprise class managed print solution that is very easy to use and deploy. It is architected and designed to take advantage of the advanced features and benefits of the Microsoft .NET platform. The result is it no longer takes a skilled technician to install software and then spend time to configure and maintain the system. The suite consists of the following components:

OS360 APP Central is a website that houses all the data received from the OS360 APP data collection tools. It is a “Central Repository” that allows us to view data using a browser, generate reports, configure alert notifications, and synchronizes with ERP systems.

OS360 APP Onsite is a data collection tool that automatically performs print assessments, monitors consumable levels and printer status. This application is installed at the customer site and can perform print assessments automatically on a scheduled basis without human intervention. The data captured is sent to the Central website using HTTPS or HTTP. A technician with minimal software and networking experience can quickly deploy to a customer site.

How It Works

The heart of every OS360 APP product correctly identifies and extracts data from networked printers, copiers and MFPs utilizing the protocols the devices support such the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Please see our white paper for more details. 

Grow Revenue, Reduce Costs, Operate More Efficiently

OneSOURCE offers outstanding opportunities to use document services to transform your business. Grow revenue, reduce costs, operate more efficiently, while minimizing security and compliance risks.

Document and Content Management. OneSOURCE provides a safe and secure environment to store and retrieve important documents quickly. Generate workflow to recreate your paper workflows automatically.

Scanning Solutions. Scan with automated features such as blank page removal, auto rotation, deskew and despeckle. Create searchable PDF's automatically without user intervention. Scan to email, public or shred drive, or to existing document management systems.

Go Green! Managed printing allows organizations to outsource the analysis, implementation and ongoing management of their entire fleet of document output devices.
The OneSOURCE program provides solutions including:

- Proactive monitoring

- One low cost-per-print

- One vendor accountability

- Local service and support with itemized tracking and billing

- Affordable access to new technology

Automate your Meter Readings with os360

The Os360 app automates and simplifies meter reading activities, reducing manual intervention and delivering accurate results. The non-invasive application automatically creates a snapshot of all networked printing devices. Encrypted usage data is then sent directly to a secure OneSOURCE server at predetermined intervals.

The Os360 app reports are available upon request. These reports include actual device information such as manufacturer, model, serial number, page counts and current supply levels. The os360 app allows you to manage your print fleet like never before!

Our app is incredibly simple to install. With the assistance of your IT Professionals, OneSOURCE specialists will install the application at your location.

OneSOURCE Enhances MPS with os360 Assessment Methodology
A revolutionary assessment methodology. os360° Assessment measures the core areas required to achieve true optimization. It is a multi-source approach that delivers a comprehensive snapshot, providing clear visibility into each of seven core business areas. Integrated reporting tools deliver concrete, actionable guidelines for complete alignment of all technology and business process initiatives.
Understand Culture: In-depth look at the key factors of corporate culture that can be used to confirm that strategies align to specific business objectives.
Inventory Technology: Snapshot of a company’s current environment including the identification of
underutilized, obsolete and redundant assets.
Analyze Usage: Capture utilization data for all technology and assets using a non-invasive collection tool that captures data from both networked and non-networked assets.
Capture Costs: Understand the total cost of ownership with an in-depth review of both the direct and the indirect costs associated with technology and asset usage as well as ongoing maintenance.
Review Workflow: Blueprints how information flows and identifies any bottlenecks or inefficiencies.
Examine Processes: A thorough examination of administrative functions including procurement and internal IT processes.
Study Sustainability: Sustainable working practices help companies become more environmentally friendly by:
  • Lowering energyconsumption
  • Lowering CO2 output and emissions for improved carbon footprint
  • Reducing paper waste
  • Using less consumables
  • Remaining energy conscious

os360 Utilizes Network Asset Monitoring System

At the core of os360, we utilize a network asset monitoring system. This system:

- Remotely monitors all of the printing, imaging and copying devices in your office environment in real-time
- Allows OneSOURCE to respond immediately to any changes
- Collects and analyzes data from each devices
- Displays collected information in a user-friendly format
- Allows OneSOURCE to assess needs,and provide service and support trequired and expected from our customers

OneSOURCE uses the information gathered from your devices to determine if:

· There are unnecessary high-energy devices in use
· Print jobs are being sent to the machine best suited to handle them
· There is older equipment that can be replaced
· Service technicians are deployed as needed
· If you have necessary supplies

Our software allows OneSOURCE to know exactly when a device encounters a problem by sending an alert to the system. It could be as simple as a low toner notification, or something more serious that requires the attention of a service technician.

OneSOURCE ships supplies as required based on the software eliminating the need to stockpile supplies at each location. Our service technicians can monitor all data in real-time. When a technician arrives they will be aware of the severity of the issue and come with the appropriate equipment. This eliminates down time and lengthy repairs.

From Zero to 110 in One Minute

From 25 pages per minute to 110 page work horses, OneSOURCE offers the gamut in print technology. Whether it's color or black and white output that suits your business needs, we offer plenty of choices with Xerox large production equipment. Xerox has been the leader in the color industry and was the first copier ever developed. How can you miss? Our sales and service staffs at all locations are eager to show you just how easy business can be with quality and fast equipmentfrom OneSOURCE.

Make Big Impressions with Wide Format Printers

The wide format printer market is growing because customers want to make a big impression, and they want it fast. Now there's a sweet spot where quality and quantity meet where big and fast are no longer a problem. Wide format printers let you put the razzle dazzle to your manufacturing facility, corporate public areas or foyers.

Benefits of Document Management

Document management is a centralized process designed to store, index and allow secure access to documents in an electronic format. Document management is now the focal point of many organizations because of reliability, security and mobile user access methods. Document m allows organizations to eliminate paper based file storage, reclaiming office space for more productive use

Benefits of document management include:

  • Increased profitability
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Enhanced B2B, B2C relationships
  • Ensured regulatory compliance
  • Reduced litigation risk and liability.

Business processes as simple as storage and retrieval of information can be improved by changing to a qualified document management system. The ability to retrieve a document with the click of a mouse can significantly enhance your office efficiency. If you have business processes that need to be automated, an electronic document management system can provide that capability.

Hit it Running with Mobile Printing

Employees are breaking free of the traditional office work environment. Since many workforces are on the go, and in order to maintain productivity, business needs to move with them. The advent of mobile printing from your smartphone or other mobile device has increased productivity by enabling employees to conveniently and securely access and print business information when, where and how they choose—from any handheld device.

Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, mobile printing revolutionizes the way we work. We offer a variety of enterprise applications that range from apps like Xerox Mobile Print, PageScope Mobile App and EFI PrintMe App. Or, consider more flexible, universal solutions such as PrintMe, each share similar benefits:

  • Print over Wi-Fi directly from most mobile devices without the hassle of print drivers or being physically connected to your corporate network.
  • Receive scans from your MFPs and save email attachments.
  • Collaborate more efficiently.
  • Accelerate business communications and make timely decisions.
  • Avoid exposing business information by emailing to someone or copying files to USB. Print directly from your mobile device instead.
  • Send and hold your documents until you're ready to print them confidentially with a simply retrieval code.
Facts About Managed Print

Up to 80% of recoverable costs are missed due to inadequate tracking

Up to 50% of printing expenses are underestimated

Up to 19% of revenue is spent on document production, management and distributon

Up to 80% of recoverable costs in an organization are missed due to inadequate tracking of printing and copying

Up to 50% of printing expenses are underestimated

Up to 19% of revenue is spent on document production, management and distribution

90-95% of printer costs are hidden at time of purchase. Many organizations devote an enormous amount of time and energy to get the best deal on equipment purchases. Investment in printers, however, represents only 5-10% of the total cost of ownership. Over 90% of costs are found in the operational expense spread over the life of the equipment. Expenses include usage patterns, supplies and maintenance, all of which present a great opportunity for savings.

Toner Expenses. Over the lifetime of your printer, toner is the #1investment. This expense ranks well above maintenance and the initial investment of hardware. Imagine the dozens of toner cartridges stored in dozens of closets, working (or not working) with dozens of different printers,. IF those printers weren't thrown away years ago. Look many brands of printers are scattered around your work environment? Some vendors overpromise on quality and usage life, unbeknownst to many end-users. OneSOURCE's managed print program takes away your pain by buying back your toner. Then, we provide toner as needed.We even anticipate your need based on the history of your use and supply accordingly.

Paperless business. Really? As much information as we have at the press of a button, most the time we still want hard copies in our hands. Emails and Information researched on the web are often read then printed for distribution. This trend won't go away, which adds cost to unmanaged print operations.

1-3% revenue is spent on document output. Few companies have a clear picture of the total cost of their printer fleet. Different people and different departments reduce the likelihood of ownership. Costs spread throughout a company reduce the ability to capture the full impact to an organization's bottom line. The more diverse the ownership, the greater likelihood of inefficiencies and lost revenue.

Businesses that manage their document output fleet can save 10-30%. Managing output fleet results in enhanced financial benefit. Some companies create internal positions to centralize management of printer fleets, thereby increasing overhead and decreasing accountability. OneSOURCE presents an alternative to increased staff expenses by assuming liability for peak printer performance and cost reduction.

IT Help Desks report 60% calls related to output devices. When breakdowns occur, users want immediate help, placing an inordinate burden on IT employees. For companies who outsource service contracts, response time is unpredictable and service quality inconsistent. As a result, output problems account for the majority of calls to IT help desks. OneSOURE invoices only for pages printed. Our effective managed printing model reduces stress that impacts daily operations.. We install only the best quality equipment, resulting in fewer breakdowns and fewer service calls. If problems arise,we take care of them quickly and efficiently.

OneSOURCE is an accounting department's dream! OneSOURCE provides one invoice, not dozens. No matter how many departments, no matter how many devices, your company will receive ONE FIXED INVOICE. Our customers know how much to budget every month..Additionally, we provide quarterly reviews of device usage, making adjustments where necessary.

OneSOURCE is Oklahoma's original managed print source OneSOURCE recognized the need for managed print services close to a decade ago! Our competitors talk about it, but they truly don''t have a grasp on the strategic approach OneSOURCE employs. They can't compete with the expertise developed over the years of focus we've devoted to managed print. This expertise is sharpened by the sheer volume we handle.

Safe Up To 30% On Your Printing Costs

Your imaging and printing environment presents an opportunity to reduce costs through improved fleet management to better workflow design. We’ve helped organizations save up to 30% and more on overall printing costs.

CIOs, change your perspective on spending

As end-of-year expenses are being closely watched, and budgets are being planned, print management services provide an excellent opportunity for CIOs to slash costs according to Andrew Rowsell-Jones, research vice president at Gartner’s CIO Research Group.

With the average print budget and IT budget both equalling six percent of revenues, CIOs wanting to help their organizations cut costs would do well take a closer look at print expenses -- despite print being an area that CIOs have traditionally had little to do with.

We over-manage IT and under-manage print

Andrew Rowsell-Jones, research vice president, Gartner’s CIO Research Group said, “The interesting thing is that the total print budget is equal to the total IT budget, yet, culturally, we manage the hell out of IT but not this important cost (print),” he said. “We over-manage IT and under-manage print.”

This was even more the case given the fact that, despite bullish talk about the recession going away in 2010, the need for cost reduction within enterprises is unlikely to disappear till 2011 or beyond," Rowsell-Jones said.

“CIOs should quite rightly look to cut costs in IT and look to value add in their organization, but they should also look to where the business is unnecessarily incurring costs,” he said. “Print may well be -- with some decent analysis -- a place to highlight some opportunities for further savings.”

John Johasky, vice president and general manager, worldwide solutions and services, Imaging & Printing Group at HP, said on average CIOs could expect to be able to realize a reduction in print-associated costs of between 15 and 30 percent through using managed print services and understanding the costs involved at the three layers of print: infrastructure, management and workflow.

“Those numbers can be dwarfed if you get in to the workflow layer and start to provide business process improvements relative to workflow; you can get far beyond that average,” he said. “In addition to the cost savings there is the contribution to an organization’s sustainability goals.”

Leighton Contractors, a managed print services customer since 2006, had a reduction of 50 percent in its print power consumption, while other customers had experienced reductions in their print carbon footprint of about 70 percent, Johasky said.

In order to gain these kinds of benefits, however, some cultural adjustment would likely be required for CIOs if they were to move beyond IT to include print as part of their domain, Roswell Jones said.

“Most of the costs associated with print lie in the workflow layer, which few CIOs recognize as their problem,” he said. “Say you have to do some discovery process due to some fraud occurring; that cost is born by the audit committee, operations or finance -- the CIO wouldn't’t think of it as their problem.

“But, in a world where information management becomes the role of the CIO -- not information technology, but where information is -- lifecycle management becomes part of that role. It’s in the workflow layer where that occurs, so the big cost of print becomes the responsibility of the CIO.”

Reprinted from Gartner Group