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Satisfaction Guarantee

OneSOURCE Managed Services Guarantee the Following:

1. You will receive on-site response to an emergency service call within four hours or less on average from the time you place the service call.

2. If at any time your equipment becomes inoperative for more than nine (9) consecutive working hours, comparable equipment will be provided free of charge until your equipment is repaired.

3. OneSOURCE Managed Services (OSMS) guarantees that your equipment will maintain 95% operational uptime per quarter. If the equipment fails to perform at this level, OSMS will repair it or replace it with like equipment if available or equipment of similar size with capabilities that are equal to or greater than your current equipment.

4. OSMS will guarantee your new equipment for a period of 5 years of the recommended page volume or 1,000 pages, whichever comes first. OSMS guarantees 95% operational uptime performance per quarter.

5. OSMS requires written notification to Kendall Ward, Vice-President, of existing problems and has 30 days to correct the problems to your satisfaction. Notice may be sent via the US Postal Service to: Kendall Ward, OneSOURCE Managed Services, P.O. Box 270538, Oklahoma City, OK, 74137-0538 or by email to

In order to preserve the OSMS guaranteed performance warranty the following conditions must be met:

  • Provide the proper environment, operating space, PrintFleet DCA and specified power requirements for the equipment.
  • Your trade account with OSMS must be current.
  • Be within a 30 mile radius of OSMS Service Center.

* The above mentioned uptime is (9) hours/day, (8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday), excludes holidays and weekends based on monthly uptime, averaged 3 months

(Quarterly). Uptime calculation excludes preventive maintenance calls. Sample: 95% = 180 hours – 9 hours equals 171 hours divided by 180 hours (Available Time minus Downtime divided by Available Time).

** Based on a nine (9) hour working day.